Monshare : Expense tracker for couples and groups - Apps on Google Play
Monshare is an expense tracker for couples and groups that syncs your spending directly from your favourite bank accounts. It is ideal for managing your household budget, organizing bills, planning a wedding or splitting bills with your housemate. No need to have a joint account in a bank with associated restrictions and liabilities, pay when you wish and MonShare your spending. Monshare is for you if: - You want to manage your personal finance alongside your family budget. - You spend enough money together that splitting bills one by one is not an option. - You want to have visibility into your couples finances without any restrictions on bank accounts and cards you can use. - You regularly split expenses based on the agreed ratio, say 50:50 or 60:40, but have occasional shared spending that falls outside of this agreement. - You don’t want to maintain a spreadsheet with every penny you spend from your home budget. If you need a budget, expense tracker, a joint bank account and you still have to to talk about money, give Monshare a try! 1. Create Pots for household, wedding, renovation, hobbies, travel, regular get-togethers or anything that is important for your couples finances. 2. Invite your partner to your pots 3. Sync your bank accounts 4. Swipe transactions which have anything to do with your couples budget
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